Discussion Groups

Building a Winning Team Requires Intentional Actions!

Gather your family, organization, or team for Quality Conversations.

Increase team communication. Resolve conflict efficiently. Learn how to have productive conversations. Understand and harness your value as an individual. Learn through the experiences of others.

Groups are not made up of random members. All participants are connected to each other in some way. They may be co-workers, organizational members, family members, etc.

Discussion topics focus on Communication, Leadership, and Growing as Individuals.

Discussion groups include six individual round-table sessions that take place either in-person or via zoom.

Each session will last 60-90 minutes.

Groups size ranges from 5 – 12 participants.

Participants must be 18 or over. 

Each discussion group will have it’s own private Trello Board where members can chat and share thoughts and ideas.

There may be a small amount of reading or idea gathering between sessions and this is where the Trello Board becomes an amazing tool for members. We can share ideas, talk about what is going on, and celebrate wins (which is a very big part of taking this journey together).

 Cost: $147 per participant for all 6 sessions.

(That’s less than $25 per session!)

Please  click here to use the contact form to message about establishing a discussion group for your employees.


Once registration has processed, you will recieve a link to your group’s Trello Board.