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Improve Your Money Mindset

Improve Your Self-Talk

Determine Your Primary Values

Establish Boundaries Without Guilt

Do you feel like you lost YOU?

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Have You Experienced…

→ Bad Relationships 

→ Shame

→ Imposter Syndrome

→ Divorce

→ Caregiver Burnout

→ Inability to Communicate Effectively

→ Overwhelm

→ Feelings of not belonging

→ Bullying

→ Verbal or Emotional Abuse

→ Inner Blame

→ Lack of Boundaries

Are you ready to become the best version of you? 

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About Me

Helping You Find Your Way Back to YOU.

A certified Coach and Trainer and a certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner, Sandra Fry has a mission to help women and men rediscover the person they were before life got in the way. 

She believes you are more than the roles you take in life. You are YOU! A unique, creative and resourceful individual. 

Sandra brings together her own life experiences and education as she becomes your personal thinking partner and coach.

She helps you navigate through the challenges of change and growth back to the self you love by helping you:

 – Define your values, dreams, and purpose.

 – Identify what is holding you back from the life you want.

 – Find the tools that help you grow and achieve your goals.


Are you ready to become the best version of YOU?

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Discussion Groups

Gather your family, organization, or team for Quality Conversations.

Increase team communication. Resolve conflict efficiently. Learn how to have productive conversations. Understand and harness your value as an individual. Learn through the experiences of others.

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  • 6 Session Workshops
  • 60-90 Minute Sessions

Personal Coaching

One to One Personal Coaching Sessions devoted to your personal development and growth into the person you are meant to be and unleash your personal power.

Define your values and self identity. Improve your self-talk. Learn to establish healthy boundaries. Rediscover the YOU you once loved.

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  • One to One Coaching Sessions.
  • All sessions are 45-60 Minute.
  • Coaching Packages available:

Training For Your Organization

Training sessions available for topics and conversations based on Self Talk, Boundaries, and Communication.

Give value and help the members of your organization grow by providing a two-hour workshop on specific topics.

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  • Single Session Speaking Event

What People Are Saying

Sandra Fry has a way with her participants, she is very approachable, non-judgmental, and self-depreciating at all times throughout the sessions. Being just “one of the participants” but still maintaining the managing facilitator role, is a balancing act that she does with grace and acceptance. The most quiet participants slowly come out of their shells, and before you know it, you are seeing their eyes shine, and take on a look of discovery, some key insight that resonated with them, that leads to personal growth and change, whatever it might be – from a career change, a relationship issue, or just a life change that has been thrust upon them. Learning to cope and understand that they are the true motivators in their own lives, and they must go after their personal growth, its not something that’s out there looking for them. To learn to listen and trust your inner voice, and take some risk..”



Sandra is a fantastic coach who really listens to your concerns and problems and offers ideas and guidance.

She is very easy to talk to, very down to earth and friendly. You feel instantly at ease and comfortable to open up to her. 

The conversation is effortless and flowing and a lot of ideas are being highlighted during the session.

I left the coaching feeling confident, inspired and positive. “


Life Coach